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Meet Your Business Needs

Manage your projects and your talent in a single system, resulting in empowered teams, satisfied clients, and increased profitability.

  • Keep track of all your projects with just one simple tool.
  • Assign tasks to your team members and track the status.
  • Add members to your projects and keep them in sync with the progress.


Analyze Your Performance

Generate reports to analyze what's working and what's not for your business, track progress, and make data-based decisions.

  • Realizr shows how much you earned and how much you spent.
  • Ticket report shows you Open vs Closed tickets.
  • Create task reports to track completed vs pending tasks.
  • Time log and attendance reports.

Respond to your team's and customers' requests efficiently

Whether someone's internet is not working, someone is facing issue with housekeeping or need something regarding their work they can raise a ticket for all their problems.

  • Admins can assign the tickets to respective department agents.
  • Tickets could be used by clients and team members.


Organized Team Work and Easy Management

Control your team and business processes from one place.


Realizr works on any device: desktop, tablet, or mobile.


Realizr is customizable. You can easily read, edit, and write your own code, or change everything.

UI Elements

There is a bunch of useful and necessary elements for developing your system.

Clean Code

You can find our code well organized, commented and readable.


As you can see in the source code, we provided a comprehensive documentation.

Free Updates

With an active subscription, you'll get free future updates.


Managing Business Has Never Been So Easy.

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